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About Petite Planet™

Rooted in ritual. Inspired by ingredients. Representing the love of mothers spanning geography and generations. Petite Planet™ combines the knowledge of mothers from around the world with nearly 125 years of JOHNSON’S® research. In discovering these rituals and ingredients, you are walking the path of maternal wisdom, following in the footsteps of mothers who have walked it before you.


The Power of Karité (Shea Butter)

Infant massage has been practiced in the African Savannah since the 14th Century.

shea butter (karité) surrounded by shea nuts

What’s Inside

Its fragrance is inspired by the rich shea nut, with a base of musk, amber, and vanilla as comforting to baby as it is to mum.

Petite Planet™ Nourishing Everyday Body lotion

Nourishing Everyday Body Lotion

Smooth, moisturise and nourish delicate baby skin.


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Pre-Natal Care


Every mum wants what’s best for her baby, but millions are unable to access the care necessary for a healthy start, so Johnson & Johnson helps support lifesaving care through Save the Children for mums around the world—to help decrease the number of preventable maternal deaths and, ultimately, help mums and babies thrive.

The fact is that despite major advances in medicine and technology, too many mums are dying due to complications from childbirth. 75% of these deaths are entirely preventable when mothers have access to and are educated on basic health care.

Since 2015, Johnson & Johnson’s support for Save the Children’s prenatal health efforts across Africa have saved the lives of close to 19,000 babies and trained more than 1,100 health care providers in 400 health care facilities across Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria and Uganda. In Egypt and the Philippines, approximately 3,000 mothers have received basic, lifesaving health education.